Thursday, October 8, 2009

Was Islam started by the Vatican???

To all my Islamic friends on here, please read this true story about how Islam was started by the Vatican in the 6th Century in order to use the Arabs to do "the dirty work" for the Papacy. The Papacy has always had an agenda to own Jerusalem, and they are using the sons of Ishmael to pit them against the sons of Isaac. Why would they do this? Because the 8th King of Revelation 17 will be a Pope who will bring so-called "Peace" between Ismael's sons and Isaac's sons. It is all a big game for the Vatican. They want to build the 3rd Jewish Temple and place a Pope in the Temple as the so-called Messiah for all religions. The Apostate Christians will call him "the Christ" the Apostate Jews will call him "Mashiach" the Muslims will call him "Imam Mahdi" and Buddhists will call him "Maitreya." Don't be decieved by the Mother of Harlots! Maria Merola

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