Friday, February 13, 2009

Adam's Foot Print

According to the Midrash Says, "Adam was so tall he reached the heavens. After his sin, he shrank to 200 feet so he was able to hide among the trees. The body is the souls mirror. Once his spiritual height was diminished, his physical size shrank accordingly."

This may sound completely crazy, but let's remember Adam was made "in the image of God". How "tall" do we think God would be? When we think of "Image of God" - is this merely just a "spiritual" image of God or could it be a physical representation? Also , remember, the bible does give accounts of GIANTS on the earth. Who did King David kill as a young boy?? Goliath! How tall was Goliath??? Its a very interesting concept say the least.

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, "When Adam was driven from paradise, he first alighted on the island of Sarandib (Ceylon). Here his footprint (seventy ells long) is still to be seen, as is that of Abraham in Mecca. From Ceylon Adam journeyed to the holy city in Arabia, where he built the Kaaba, having through fasting and silence gained the partial forgiveness of God."

Another source says, " 40) [line 35] "...VA'OLECH ESCHEM KOMEMIYUS." - "[I am HaSh-m, your G-d, Who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that you should not be their slaves; and I have broken the bars of your yoke,] and made you walk upright." (Vayikra 26:13) - The Gemara brings the argument of the Tana'im as to how tall a person will be when the third Beis ha'Mikdash will be built. Rebbi Meir homiletically interprets the word "Komemiyus," "upright," to mean "two heights [of Adam ha'Rishon]," who was 100 Amos tall after his sin. (The word "Komemiyus" sounds like the plural of the word "Komah," a person's height.)"

and yet another source says:
We now also understand why G-d doubled Adam's height. When Adam sinned, his height was reduced to one-hundred, but after Avraham mended the tear, and rectified that which Adam ruined, his height returned, and once again his height was doubled to two-hundred at Me'arat Hamachpela

This is what we say in our prayers, "Bring us fully-upright (komemiut) to our Land." Komemiut implies, "Like the two heights of Adam" (Sifrei Parshat Bechokotai) – the perfection of body and soul.

and another:

"or Adam Ha'Rishon's heel shining like the sun and his height being from heavens to earth"

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