Saturday, February 28, 2009


Origen – a.k.a “Origen of Alexandria,” 185-254 CE.
Origen was a philosopher who lived during the era
when believers in Messiah were assimilating many
pagan ideas. He was a believer in Messiah who
defended the belief against attacks from pagan
philosophers using their own philosophy. He invented
the Doctrine of the “Trinity” (based upon the Middle
Platonic triadic emanation schemas), and several other
extra-biblical and anti-biblical theologies. He greatly
influenced how much pagan philosophy the early
Catholic church would first assimilate when it was
founded in 325 CE. While Origen is considered by
many to be a “church father,” his most long lasting
influence was to bring pagan philosophy into the
Gentile expression of belief in Yshu`a.

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